What Type of Lawn Mower Do You Need?

As in most cases when shopping for home appliances, the what type of lawn mower do I need question is one that can leave you scratching your head at a total loss on what to do next. A search through the internet and local stores indicates there are tens of choices and sub choices to make when choosing a lawn mower. All lawn mowers will come with a very wide range of accessories and add-ons suited for different kinds of work.

Lawn mower makers further contribute to this confusion by giving common parts e.g. the mower blade different names leaving you with seemingly more choices to make.

Since lawnmowers come in all shapes, designs, prices and shapes the first thing you have to do is be sure of the exact kind of work the mower will have to do and other special conditions. Below are some guidelines you can use to identify your specific needs;

Purpose- Are you going to be trimming tall stubborn overgrown weeds and grass or is the mower for routine height maintenance? Each of these will call for a specific mower type. Tall grass will call for a mower with a big sharp blade and a powerful motor while trimming needs a lightweight motored or push mower.

Price- With prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands, it may not make much sense to splurge on a big ride on model when your need is to trim a small front yard lawn.

Terrain-If you want to mow an area that is bumpy and un even, your ideal mower is one with good ground clearance and a sharp fast blade to ensure it doesn't get snagged as you mow.

Convenience- Who is going to be using the mower? Push mowers require a considerable amount of effort making them unsuitable for elderly people and those without sufficient muscle build. You may opt for a ride on or a motorized version in these cases which is much easier to operate.
Workload- If you happen to be mowing large tracts e.g. a golf course, you may require a fast motorized mower. Ride-ons are a popular choice here as you can get a lot done in a short while. A small push mower is ideal for trimming small backyards.

Propulsion- With the various technologies available you have to choose between electric, fuel driven and hand pushed mowers. Each has its own benefits and short comings for you to consider.

So what type of lawn mower do I need? To fully answer this you need to know the various mower types available. Push mowers require you to use your energy to push and navigate them. The can have a small motor to assist you. The bigger variations are ride-ons which are like mini tractors with mower blades below. These are suited for bigger mowing jobs as they can cover a lot of ground. As you can see above the question what type of lawn mower do I need question does not need to stress you.

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